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One Patient's Journey

How homeopathy gave Katia hope.

When I decided to try homeopathy sessions with Doris, I didn't really know what to expect and I certainly had a bit of doubt whether homeopathy would even work as a treatment for my skin condition (impetigo around the arms and mouth for months).


After several courses of antibiotics and having no faith in my body to heal itself after countless attempts of trying, I gave homeopathy a go.


I am so glad I did as it opened up new lessons for me and taught me so much about my body and healing in general. For the first time, my impetigo healed up completely with the help of homeopathy and without antibiotics which was almost like a miracle for me.


With Doris' help I continue to work on my own health physically and mentally going forwards. She has helped me have a lot of realisations and I now have a completely new outlook on healing! Thank you for everything! 

- Katia Arguile

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