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My Story

How homeopathy changed my life.

I was born and raised in Austria. I moved to the UK with my own little family, consisting of my long-term partner and our lovely son about 20 years ago.

Once my son had left home I followed my nearly life-long passion for homeopathy and studied the subject in the School of Homeopathy in Stroud.

I’m now a fully qualified homeopath and registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

Figure skates in snow close-up.jpg

My own journey with homeopathy involves a diagnosis of a chronic progressive disease at the age of seventeen, which would have deformed my joints to an extent that I would have had a very high chance of ending up in a wheelchair by the age of forty.

Thanks to homeopathy I’m still mobile with hardly any deformations at all at the age of fifty!

I can still do all the sports and activities I have always loved doing but most of all I enjoy bouncing through life, with all its ups and downs, supporting others on their own journey to health and contentment.  I don’t want to pretend and say it was or is always easy, but it is achievable and it is worth it! 

Over the years I have learned to use and read the signals my body sends me.  I adjust to them by listening to what they want to tell me.  Sometimes they just want me to stand still, listen, learn and enjoy.

I hardly ever use painkillers if at all, and I can’t remember the last time I used antibiotics. I still lead a drug free life and treat all my problems homoeopathically. 

After all those years I’m still absolutely fascinated by the subject, what it can do and how it shows us that everything in our lives and the world is connected.


Homeopathy works for me and I would love to join you and support you on your journey starting by listening to your story!

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